Be In The Know

Our organization puts people first, offering unique advantages for our associates to flourish professionally and personally. We provide them with top-notch instruction on expertise and equipment, access to mentors who help identify talents while guiding their development, and opportunities to explore marketing jobs in Ontario as well as sales job opportunities in Ontario.


Working With Us

At LMG Inc., our associates’ physical, mental, and financial health is something we care deeply about. When you join our team, we’ll respect you for your job. We offer a competitive salary benchmarked against the best companies, so you’ll be able to spend your off time doing more of the things you love with the people you love. Your future salary growth and promotion will reflect your contribution and impact on our business success. This is one way of holding the bar high and pushing passionate individuals to reach their full potential in career opportunities in Ontario.

I would love to formally express my gratitude and appreciation for this team. They constantly show a deep understanding of people’s needs and sincerely takes care of clients. Elias (a family member who recommended me), worked with my mother and I and got me a great deal. I hope everybody gets the privilege to work with this team and find out what a seamless transaction feels like. Thank you so much for everything.

Justin Rafter


LMG Inc. is an amazing marketing agency, which offers big opportunities, growth, and they teach you plenty of new skills such as, management skills, customer service skills, e.t.c. It is a company with an amazing story & a company that really started from the bottom & is now growing rapidly. The individuals I have met at LMG Inc. are some of the most supportive and outgoing individuals. They will always have your back, and help you achieve any goals you have, personal or work goals. Jeromey the owner Is an amazing individual, he is not only one of the most positive people I have met, but he will always advise what's best for you whether it's for work, life, & he takes great care of his team. We are a family here and I highly suggest LMG Inc. for anyone looking to truly expand in their life, and for individuals with high future goals.



Growth Opportunities

LMG Inc. is committed to always being one step ahead, driving its market-leading status by focusing on organic growth, capitalizing on a distinct marketing method, and leveraging the power of savvy acquisitions. Through this innovative approach, they continue to prove that expansion and growth are well within reach, offering numerous sales job opportunities in Ontario.

LMG Inc. Group has a long and proud tradition of cultivating productive talent to help bring success to brands across Canada. We are very proud of our growth since we first opened, proving the effectiveness of these strategies in creating career opportunities in Ontario.

At LMG Inc., our vision is to empower teams to reach new heights of success by cultivating tools that spark collaboration and drive progress. Are you ready for the ride of a lifetime? We’re passionate about joining forces with those who recognize we can achieve extraordinary things when working together!