Started in the marketing industry in 2019.

    I excelled very quickly on the marketing side and later on took on more challenges. I got an opportunity to relocate from Toronto and expand with a client in Ottawa. I enjoy politics, research, and reading books.

    Goals: Continue to cover my parents' expenses and get into the real estate market.



    Assistant Manager

    Started on 6th September, 2022

    What I love about this job is the opportunity to shape my future and the fact that I get to build my team. The opportunity to rise to the top while you learn so many new things on a day-to-day basis in a team-oriented environment is amazing.

    My hobbies include following sports like football and cricket and keeping myself up to date with international news and current affairs.

    My goals include gaining permanent residency in Canada, opening up my own office, and becoming financially free.

  • Elias Ayache

    Elias Ayache

    Assistant Manager



    Assistant Manager

    I enjoy the idea of self-betterment, And, working in an environment that encourages setting goals and crushing them is something that I learned to enjoy and learn from here.

    Some of my hobbies include reading about anything and everything and spending time with family and friends.

    What I want to do soon is to make my family debt-free, and what I want to achieve someday, is to become the best version of myself.

  • Brendan Peever

    Brendan Peever

    Team Leader

    Starting in June of 2023

    I began this position after completing my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. I saw it as an opportunity to kickstart my career while learning new skills and habits along the way. Now I’m looking to take on more responsibilities and grow as fast as possible within the business and help others when I can.

    In my free time I love football, As a former player, I’m always interested in talking about the sport, and past games. Movies and video games with friends are also my hobbies, and eventually plan on being able to travel the world.

    My goals are to be financially independent within the next 10 years and to be the kind of leader everyone would love to work with. I also hope to one day open my own coffee cafe.

  • Samarveer Singh

    Samarveer Singh

    Account Manager

    Long ago, I decided to be happy and I decided to never give up on my dreams because the beginning is the hardest. Somebody didn’t wake up this morning, but I did so I want to use my time wisely and grow and I learned that you can enjoy and at the same time from here.

    Some of my hobbies are exploring new things and places and making new connections.

    My goal in life is to hustle to claim what is mine, I might be not where I want to be yet but I get closer every day i want to make money while sleeping and want to turn the impossible into possible and turn my dreams into vision and my vision into reality. So less talking, more action. I will be a manager soon.

  • Meadow Cameron

    Meadow Cameron

    Team Leader

    I've always strived for my future to be better than the past. I will only let my future define me. I've had jobs here and there, I was in (Landscaping, construction, business, design, and nursing). All these jobs I loved as a passion but I always wanted more. I want to give my children and sister the life I never had and do everything in my power to make it happen. There is nothing and nowhere I won't go to achieve my dreams. I am very big-hearted and feel very strongly that it is a fault and a gift at the same time. Regardless of what's thrown my way, I will manage it with stride.

  • Aqil Hashimi

    Aqil Hashimi

    Transitioning through various jobs and fueled by a background in sports, I faced the challenge of making ends meet. Joining LMG marked a pivotal shift, where I aim to leverage my diverse experiences. Originating from customer service, I'm focused on refining communication skills and excelling in sales. Beyond individual success, my goal is to ascend to management, blending leadership cultivated both in my varied experiences and on the playing field, contributing to LMG dynamic success.

  • Raika Zahran

    Raika Zahran

    Team Leader